The Errits are mouse-like aliens from the planet Revsong. Ever since the Jelseen raised them up from terrestrial life, the Errits have been fascinated and obsessed with science and technology. Many of the most influential scientists in the Jelseen Republic and indeed in the wider Federal Systems Alliance are Errits. They are renowned for their stubbornness and quick learning. Errits reach adulthood at 18 and live on average till 120.

Character Creation Edit

Speed Edit

Errits may move 7 spaces for one action.

Attribute Bonuses Edit

Errits have +2 Intelligence and +1 Willpower

Traits Edit

Try again: Once per day, you may add your willpower modifier to an intelligence-based skill check after rolling.

Savant: Choose one skill during character creation. When assigning skill points, it costs one less point to increase your chosen skill (minimum of 1).

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