Greki are a short and aggressive humanoid species from the planet Oxlol. When humans first found them in 2461, the Greki were a primitive tribal culture at risk of dying out due to plague, famine and war. UHP diplomats attempted to end the petty conflicts that threatened to destroy the Greki by hosting peace meetings between the tribes. However, this only angered the Chiefs who brutally murdered the human diplomats and wore their toes on necklaces as a trophy. In response, the UHP decided that the Greki needed to be rehabilitated before the humans could truly help them so they were taken to Internment camps where they essentially provided slave labour for the humans.

After the signing of the Ymliran Accord in 2503, the Jelseen Republic urged the humans to abolish the Internment Camps, claiming they were immoral and exploitative. The UHP agreed to a referendum, in which 78% of voters voted to continue the camp system. Following the massacre of a Greki camp which was engaged in a campaign of civil disobedience, another referendum was held, this time returning a 63% vote to abolish the camps in 2510.

The Greki are now considered citizens of the Federal Systems Alliance, but have no government or sovereignty of their own. Most live in slums on Oxlol and continue to be a pest to the local UHP Peacecorps.

Physical Description Edit

Greki are yellow or orange skinned, with dark coloured stripes and large pointed ears. They stand on average at 3 to 5 feet tall. The first thing most people notice on a Greki is its long claws and many teeth (which are often bared). Their slight frame and quick reflexes make Greki valued mechanics and expert thieves. They reach adulthood at 14 and live on average to 75.

Character Creation Edit

Speed Edit

Greki may move 7 spaces for one move action.

Attribute Bonuses Edit

Greki have +2 Agility, +1 Perception, +1 Strength and -2 Charisma.

Traits Edit

Small target: Greki have +1 DEF at all times.

Nimble: Greki may shift 1 space after performing any action.

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