A simian species originating from Earth, humans are known for their courage, ability to influence others, and their adaptability. Humans are one of the most populous species in the known galaxy. Humans reach adulthood at 18 and live on average to 150.

Character Creation Edit

Speed Edit

Humans may move up to 6 spaces in one move action.

Attribute Bonuses Edit

Humans gain a +1 bonus to Charisma, a +1 bonus to Willpower, and 2 bonus points to spend on other attributes.

Traits Edit

Human Ingenuity: Humans have 2 extra skill training points to spend in character creation.

Pull it together: Humans may do morale checks at the beginning of their turn instead of the end. If a human does a morale check at the end of their turn, they gain a +2 bonus to their roll.

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