The Jelseen are a humanoid sentient species originating on the planet Haamka. They are the most technologically advanced species in the known galaxy, and were capable of faster than light travel by 2073 ED (3894 SD). Jelseen are renowned as cunning diplomats and shrewd negotiators.

Physical Description Edit

Jelseen feet

A Jelseen's foot

Jelseen have six small beady eyes and a rough, sometimes spotted, hairless skin which can be green, blue or yellow but greys with age. The average Jelseen is 6 to 8 feet tall, standing on two three-pronged toe-less feet. Due to the high force of gravity on Haamka, their feet contain nitrocarbon rings which allow them to move very smoothly and with little effort. Moveable plates protect the head of the Jelseen, and larger, more flexible head plates are seen as desirable traits in a mate. Their spongy, elastic spine (which is situated in the front portion of the body) makes Jelseen quite flexible and gives them the ability to change their height by an average of nine inches. Jelseen use this ability to stand tall in conjunction with lowering their head plates to convey anger or dominance. The opposite, standing short with plates raised, is a show of submission, peace and humility. Jelseen reach adulthood at 16 and live on average to 135.

Character Creation Edit

Speed Edit

Jelseen may move up to 7 spaces in one move action.

Attribute Bonuses Edit

Jelseen have +2 Charisma, +1 Agility and +1 Inteligence.

Traits Edit

Jelseen Tolerance: Jelseen have remarkable tolerance to gravity, giving them a base G-TOL of 13, and +1 G-TOL if they come from a planet with more than 13 m/s² gravity.

Head plates: The strong plates on a Jelseen's skull make them immune to head-shots while the plates are lowered.

Polyreactive Tapeta: The Jelseen's eyes are immune to all sight-related penalties (e.g. you may see in the dark, through smoke, you may not be blinded, etc.)

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